2014 marks Bard Manufacturing's 100th Anniversary. While we are incredibly proud of this achievement, we are also humbled by the fact that few companies reach this major milestone. We know we never could have made it without the help and support of countless people along the way. We owe our longevity to the customers, suppliers, employees and communities we've worked with over the years. This site is dedicated to all of you who were a part of our journey.

We invite you to join in the celebration. Watch our short video, take a look back at how we got here and play a bit of trivia for fun and prizes. You can also download a commemorative Bard Manufacturing 100th Anniversary brochure highlighting our complete history.

From the entire Bard family, thank you for being a part of our celebration. Bard Manufacturing. With you for 100 years.


1914. That's the year it all started for us when Dale Bard became a partner in a plumbing and hardware store, focusing on creating custom metal ductwork. One hundred years later, Bard Manufacturing is a global leader in the heating and cooling industry.

A lot happened along the way, to say the least. Explore our timeline to see how we got here.

  • Dale Bard learns sheet metal working skills out west to help rebuild the city of San Francisco after the Great Quake

  • Dale Bard returns home and incorporates The Bryan Plumbing and Heating Company with three friends, which would later become the Bard Manufacturing Company.

  • Dale Bard's company manufactures wheelbarrows for export to Africa, and also patented metal roof cleats

  • Randolph Bard, Dale's son, joins the company

  • Dale Bard patents his first steel oil-fired furnace (Patent #1,941,822)

  • A new natural gas furnace, sold under the name Bard, is introduced

  • Estimated that 1 out of every 4 new homes in Detroit's expanding suburbs are heated by a Bard furnace

  • Bard turns over manufacturing to war effort, manufacturing B-52 trim-tab controls, military coal furnaces, 20-millimeter steel bullet cartridges and Chrysler tank parts

  • Bard plant completely destroyed by massive fire
    - Founder Dale Bard dies never knowing that his company had been destroyed during his illness
    - Randolph Bard makes the decision to rebuild the plant

  • Housing boom pushes Bard furnaces to new popularity

  • 3rd generation family member Richard Bard joins the company

  • 3rd generation family member Jim Bard joins the company

  • Company introduces air conditioners to product offering

  • Introduction of Bard wall-mount heat pumps and air condiditioners

  • Randolph Bard retires as Richard and Jim Bard take ownership of the company

  • Bard opens a second manufacturing facility in Madison, Georgia to be closer to one of its primary markets; Southeast United States

  • '94 & '96 - Bard awarded patent for wall-mount ventilation package invention

  • Bard makes the strategic decision to focus on engineered products and reduce residential product offering

  • Bard earns ISO9002 certification

  • Bard opens a third facility in Saltillo, Mexico to supply condenser and evaporator coils to both existing manufacturing facilities

  • Bard Family Foundation established

  • Richard and Jim Bard retire as 4th generation family members take ownership of the company
    Mike Lehman named President of Bard Manufacturing Company

  • Bill Steel becomes the 4th family member to serve as President and Chief Executive Officer of the company

  • Introduction of the I-TEC heat pump for school replacement market

  • Bard celebrates 100th anniversary

Lasting Relationships

Bard Manufacturing has been fortunate to work with some of the best suppliers and customers imaginable. We want to take this opportunity to thank all of them for their professionalism, and loyalty. We appreciate their kind words and well wishes.

  • The Bard "family" is one of great integrity, and they are outstanding stewards of the industry and their community. 100 years is quite an achievement. Congratulations on reaching this momentous milestone.

    Brian Cobble
    G.W. Berkheimer Co. - Portage, IN
    2013 Association President

  • As our company has grown, the Bard product line has grown with us, and is a large part of our business today. We have always felt the Bard values - ethics, pride in the product, stability, focus on quality, the importance of a customer, and "doing what you say you are going to do" - have aligned well with our company values.

    Richard Cook
    Johnson Supply - Houston,TX
    2011 Association President

  • Congratulations on your 100th Anniversary. This is quite an accomplishment. We believe that selling Bard has made us a better wholesale distributor and helped us grow our business. We like to think that when we sell a Bard we don't just make a sale, we make a friend.

    Pat Geary
    Geary Pacific Supply - Orange, CA
    1991 Association President

  • Nearly 40 years ago I met Randolph Bard and his sons Richard and Jim. They all were active in the business in clear and different roles. While Bard is often thought of as a "family business" the reality is that it is a family in business. Bard represents a rare way of doing business that can be wrapped up in one word - integrity.

    Phil Garrett
    Marketing Associates - Greensboro, NC
    1992 Association President

  • Congratulations to the Bard family and all the Bard employees on your 100th Anniversary. What a fantastic accomplishment and something to be so extremely proud of. I am very pleased to have been associated with Bard Manufacturing, both as a customer and over the past 25 years through NHAW, NHRAW and HARDI. It has been a pleasure to work with the leaders and the employees of Bard Manufacturing and I wish you the best of luck on your next 100 years.

    Dave McIlwaine
    HVAC Distributors, Inc - Mount Joy, PA
    2009 Association President

  • I know that I am speaking for everyone at Mingledorff's Inc. when I say that our decades long association with Bard Manufacturing has been one of the greatest highlights in the history of our company. Our relationship goes beyond just buying and selling products together. Our shared values, friendships and mutual respect are things that are earned, not bought and sold with a purchase order.

    Bud Mingledorff
    Mingledorff's, Inc. - Norcross, GA
    2012 Association President

  • Well, this sure brings back memories! I remember calling on Bard Manufacturing when I was with Lisco ( 1970's ). The Manager of Purchasing at that time was Bud Meyer! He strung me along for sometime before he finally gave us our first order. As a young man at that time, it meant so much to me to land a new account like Bard. The relationship has carried on for all those years! Bud was a great guy and his word was the gospel! John Briggs was working for Bud at that time. I still remember the annual Bard meeting in Bryan with the golf outing. Mr. Bard senior was still involved. I was always treated with respect from everyone I dealt with at Bard! I always enjoyed the trips to Ohio knowing I was going to meet with special folks at Bard! I have great memories of Bud, John, Ruthann and all of the support staff at Bard!

    100 years! Congratulations!

    Mike Mattingly
    Vice President and General Manager
    PSC Fabricating - a division of PSC Industries

  • Congratulations on the 100 years!

    It has been a privilege to work with Bard over the years, and I take great pride in being a major supplier to your company. Bard's organization has always been very ethical to work with, and I personally enjoy dealing with a company where a handshake and look in the eye is as binding as any contract. On a lighter note, I've told my wife about your wall-mounts so frequently now that she even points them out as we drive by cell towers and portable trailers at construction sites.

    Congratulations on the 100 years... I'm sure there are many more to come!

    Karl Zellmer
    VP of Sales and Tech Support
    Emerson Climate Technologies

  • Regal has had the pleasure of serving Bard with electric motors and blowers for many years. Our Genteq (formerly General Electric) and Fasco branded motors and capacitors have been used in thousands of Bard units. Regal has been honored to help Bard to bring their first variable speed units to the market. Recently, Bard has been an early adopter of Regal's High Efficiency Blower system that has helped to deliver such groundbreaking products as the I-TEC and the Geo-Trio. Regal provides products used at Bard's operations in Bryan, OH and Madison, GA.

    Our long-standing partnership with Bard is one of the joys of doing business in the HVAC industry. Bard's commitment to building high quality products through excellent relationships with their suppliers is one of the many reasons for their longevity.

    Regal would like to congratulate Bard on 100 years of business, and wish them the best of success as they enter their next century.

    Paul Goldman
    VP - HVAC

    John Kunze
    VP & Business Leader - Air Moving

  • ATEX congratulates Bard on the 100th Year Anniversary and we are pleased to have partnered with Bard for over 30 years and we look forward to many more successful decades. Our shared success is due to your unrivaled and industry leading commitment to quality, engineering and customer service. We wish you the best with the next 100 years!

    Greg Duggan
    Atex Distributing

  • My brother and I started selling Bard Wall-Mounts in the late 70's. Our business has mostly been with the telecommunications industry and we have had a great working relationship with Bard. Shelby-Skipwith is proud of our successful partnership with Bard Manufacturing. Glad to have been part of your first 100 years. Congratulations and wishing you another 100 years of success.

    Ed Roper
    Shelby-Skipwith, Inc

  • Congratulations Bard on your 100th anniversary! It has been our pleasure to represent you as one of the finest HVAC organizations for the past 39 years. Our association represents 3 generations which began in our first year of operation. You represent the very finest in product innovation, quality, customer service and technical support. In all of our years of business, we have never found a company that has supported its field selling force as strongly as you.

    Looking forward to the next 100 years!

    Mike McManus
    Earth City Distributing

  • I have been associated with Bard my entire life. It is amazing to think back that first summer my dad allowed me to come down to the shop and work in the warehouse. Some of my fondest memories were getting to help unload the freight cars loaded with Bard wall-mounts, and thinking how grown up I was (I was 9 at the time).

    Moving forward 44 years later, Bard is still a big part of my life. And while I can call Bard family, it is just as much of a privilege to call many of the Bard team some of my best friends. Being associated with Bard all of these years, I can honestly say working with them has helped teach me the meaning of words like integrity, honesty, respect and trust.

    It is an exciting honor to be a part of Bard's 100th anniversary and in some small way been able to contribute to that success. I look forward to Bard's future: creating even more fond memories and continued success!

    Congratulations Bard!

    Russ Geary
    Geary Pacific Supply

  • Greg and I will always be grateful to Bard for all they did to support our company, especially in the 60s and 70s. I do not think it is stretching it to say that our father probably would not have survived in business had it not been for Randolph, Richard and Jim. 2-J Supply Company is very proud to be a distributor of Bard products and we congratulate you in celebrating 100 years in business.

    Greg and Larry Trimbach
    2-J Supply Company

We're Ready for Some Fun. With You.

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3. What is the most recognized Bard product?

4. Which of these companies has been around
longer than Bard Manufacturing

5. How many Bard family members are currently
employed at Bard?

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